About Us

Agritrans Logistics Ltd. values the provision of personalised service at competitive prices and assuring that not only cargo is transported but also the customer's reputation. Over the last decade we have acquired a status of trust, reliability and efficiency with our loyal customers even though the Maltese market tend to be quite price sensitive one.
Agritrans Logistics Ltd list of services include:

• FTL (Full Truck/Trailer Load)

• Groupage (LTL)

• Temperature Controlled Cargo

• 24/7 warehouse facility in Catania

• Domestic Haulage

• Custom Clearance

• NSO Service

Agritrans Logistics Ltd. has close and good business relationship with the below companies:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Agritrans Logistics Ltd. has initiated to take on its initiative of Corporate Social Responsibility through the company’s daily operation. The company is an important aspect of society and the community in general thus we are aiming to act as responsible citizens as much as possible.
People: Agritrans Logistics Ltd. care for its employees henceforth we are continuously improving to create an inclusive and collaborative working environment. In doing so, it enables our employees to develop their skills, talents and abilities whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Environment: The environment is the most affected living system due to continuous irresponsibility carried out by companies that do not invest effectively in the environment in order to safeguard it as much as possible for those who will come after us. In fact, Agritrans Logistics Ltd. is becoming more environmental responsible through the purchasing of Euro 5 trucks, gas lifters and so forth which is further enabling in the reduction of carbon footprint. Moreover, the company is continuously being environmental conscious by reducing as much as possible the use of paper by sending invoices to our clients through electronic mail. The company also utilises the government’s recycling centres to dispose adequately the materials of metal, plastic, paper and glass.
Local Community: Agritrans Logistics Ltd. is continuously working to be further philanthropic towards its community by aiding them through the volunteering of the firm’s resources. As a matter of fact, Agritrans Logistics Ltd. has sponsored a group of fanatic footballers through the purchasing of their gears. In doing so, the company is investing in its community in helping out the smallest tasks which can make real difference to the lives of people enabling the opportunity to practice and develop their social and hobby skills.